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About Us

, a subsidiary of Spinologics Inc, is a Montréal-based company.

Since its founding by renowned orthopedic and spine surgeons in 2010, simulation experts have been developing a comprehensive umerical hn named . Our cross-functional team combines the skills of clinicians, biomechanical experts, mechanical engineers, and software developers.

Meet Our Team

Eric Gaudreau, Eng., M.Sc., ICD.D

Julien Clin, Ph.D
Director, Biomechanical Simulation R&D

Franck LeNaveaux, Ph.D.
Scientific Research Manager

Bahe Hachem, Ph.D.
Embedded Biomechanical Simulation R&D Manager

Loïc Degueldre, Eng., M.Sc.A
Simulation Automation R&D Manager

David Benoit, M.Sc.A
Biomechanical Simulation R&D Specialist