• ’ virtual lab provides insight into the biomechanics of human-device interaction.

  • Design optimization in a virtual world makes innovation a real possibility

  • Democratizing computer modeling & simulation for medical device, sports and protective equipment industries

Improved treatment via medical device optimization


Improved military personnel protection via gear optimization

Improved athletic performance via equipment optimization

Design Optimisation, Verification and Performance Promotion

Enhanced understanding of your product performance

Decreased prototyping time, costs, and manufacturing waste

Reduced physical test burden and results variability through virtual testing

Provide scientific evidence following ASME V&V40 guidelines

Communicate product performances through scientific publication

Accelerate time to market


World-class FEM of the spine

With a world-class FEM of the spine and ability
to simulate ASTM/ISO testing standards,
we are helping small-medium-large spine
implant developers accelerate path to market.